Media Query tests

Identify viewport width and height in real-time as you rezise the browser window. This is useful for when developing media query breakpoints. Get additional useful information like; browwser width and height, window orientation (if available), pixel ratio, resolution width and height as well as available resolution width and height. Finally, the mouse X and Y coordinates with real-time values.

  • Viewport Width = No JS!
  • Viewport Height = No JS!
  • Browser Width = No JS!
  • Browser Height = No JS!
  • Window Orientation = No JS!
  • Pixel Ratio = No JS!
  • Resolution Width = No JS!
  • Resolution Height = No JS!
  • Resolution Available Width = No JS!
  • Resolution Available Height = No JS!
  • Mouse X-Axis = Loading...
  • Mouse Y-Axis = Loading...