Services ...for all your online needs.

Choose from a range of web design and development services. Be it full web site design, development, simple updates, search engine optimisation, or checking your site meets accessibility standards.

Below are some of the main services offered and for complete web site design projects, all services are included. Please feel free to contact me for more specific details or enquiries.

Accessibility coding services

Correct accessibility coding in your web pages ensures your website's content is easily available to as many people and devices as possible.

This not only means ensuring content is readable by less able users, but also by devices such as mobile phones, tablets and PDAs with web browsing capabilities.

Your website will incorporate WAI-ARIA, have accessible JavaScript implementations and fully support Screen Readers (JAWS, NVDA) and be W3C WCAG (1, 2 ,3) compliant.

Consultation services

As a qualified Webmaster, I am available for consultation on web campaigns, strategy, technologies and best practices.

Upon reviewing your existing site and strategy, I can advise on any improvements or help you design and implement a complete, successful web marketing strategy.

Website design/development services

Your web site will be graphically designed, tested, and coded to your specifications using appropriate technologies. Sites are designed to load fast, look good, be easy to use and most importantly cross platform and compliant.

Animation, PHP scripting and MySQL database technologies can be utilised for a more interactive user experience if required.

All part of the service... In building your site, all services such as search engine optimisation and accessibility standards are included as part of the service. Banner advertisements can also be designed at your request.

E-Commerce design services

A fully fledged in-house e-commerce site can run into costs of thousands. For a small site however, you need only sign up to any of a number of different hosting services and save money.

The right choice for you

I can help you choose the most suitable package for you within your budget, design your web site and set up your transaction system.

Alternatively, if you have a web site and are looking to branch into e-commerce, your site can be prepared for on-line transactions.

Freelancing services

All of my services and skill sets are available on a freelance basis. This includes HTML, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL coding, Flash and Photoshop skills.

All activities on the services list are available on a freelance basis e.g. web design, search engine optimisation, consultation etc.

If you have a web team, or are forming a collection of freelancers, I can provide the above skills to enhance the team.

Search engine optimisation - get your site ranked

Getting high rankings in search engines and directories is a major priority for web owners. Your web site will be designed to capture search engine interest by tailoring code and content to what your customers are searching for.

Your domain name is submitted to all the essential search engines and directories, plus local and business specific ones that are often missed. Paid rankings can be arranged where necessary.

Already online? I can review your existing site, advise on changes, and carry them out for you.